Publication - Revisiting the Partial Datacube Materialization


Revisiting the Partial Datacube Materialization

Authors : Hanusse, Nicolas;Maabout, Sofian;Tofan, Radu

Conf : 15th East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS 2011), Vienne, Autriche (2011)

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The problem of selecting views and/or indexes to materialize has been extensively studied in the context of query optimization. Traditionally, the problem is formalized as follows: given a set of queries and a budget e.g., an available memory space, find the objects to materialize (views and/or indexes) that (1) satisfy the given budget and (2) minimize the query cost. In this paper, we depart from this setting by adopting a user-centric point of view: given a constraint on query evaluation, namely a maximal query cost the user does accept, find the objects (1) whose materialization needs the minimal storage space and (2) that guarantee the query evaluation constraint. We study this problem in the data cube setting and provide exact and approximate solutions.